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Housing Equality & Advocacy Resource Team (HEART L.A.), is a nonprofit public interest law firm that provides legal representation and advocacy to keep people and their companion animals housed.


Many individuals and families are being forced out of their homes due to having pets. New owners or deceitful managers use the threat of eviction to force out long-term tenants from rent-controlled properties so they can increase the rent. Heartbroken and desperate, these people believe they have no choice but to surrender their beloved pets to a shelter. In almost every circumstance, the threat of eviction was illegal. With the growing housing crisis in Los Angeles no one should be illegally evicted because of their companion animal.


Founder, Dianne Prado, combines her passion and training by advocating for people and pets in underserved communities - ensuring health and safety while fighting to address and prevent homelessness.


Prior to founding HEART L.A., Dianne was a Supervising Attorney at Inner City Law Center (ICLC) where she started the Pet Resource Center on Skid Row. In collaboration with Downtown Dog Rescue and LA Animal Services, this project provides resources and housing-based legal services to Skid Row residents and their animals. As a part of ICLC, Dianne used her litigation skills to stop landlords from abusing the rights of tenants. Prior to ICLC, Dianne was a staff attorney at the Eviction Defense Network where she protected the housing rights of low-income communities.


Dianne received her Juris Doctorate from Western State University College of Law and holds a Bachelor of Arts in criminology, law and society from the University of California, Irvine. She is a proud member of the National Lawyers Guild.


Dianne is honored to be the owner of Falcor, a nine year-old dog that she found on the side of a busy L.A. freeway. When she stopped to help him, he rolled on his back and asked for a belly rub. Dianne has been providing Falcor with daily belly rubs and life filled with love ever since.

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