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ABOUT heart

Founded in Los Angeles in 2018, Housing Equity & Advocacy Resource Team (HEART L.A.), is a nonprofit public interest law firm that keeps people and their companion animals housed through technical assistance, education, and policy advocacy.

HEART was created to combine housing rights with animal welfare to fight housing insecurity amongst pet owners. HEART works to empower renters and pet owners through direct legal service and education, educate animal welfare groups in the legal rights of pet owners, and provide housing advocates and attorneys with the expertise and knowledge to best support their pet-owning clients.

how we can help

For Renters

No one should be illegally evicted because of their companion animal. HEART LA is here to help renters and their companion animals facing harassment or eviction remain housed in a safe and healthy environment.

For Organizations and Advocates

HEART advocates for legislation that breaks down barriers for renters with pets looking for housing. We offer resources and legal education to homelessness, housing, and animal welfare advocates regarding the latest legislation protecting renters and their companion animals from eviction and displacement. We would love to join you and your team for training to help you best serve your clients!

Technical support and customized assistance
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