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Keeping People & their Pets Housed

Housing Equality & Advocacy Resource Team (HEART L.A.), is a nonprofit public interest law firm that provides technical assistance, education, and policy advocacy to keep people and their companion animals housed.

Many individuals and families are being forced out of their homes due to having pets. New owners or deceitful managers use the threat of eviction to force out long-term tenants from rent-controlled properties so they can increase the rent. Heartbroken and desperate, these people believe they have no choice but to surrender their beloved pets to a shelter. In almost every circumstance, the threat of eviction was illegal. With the growing housing crisis in Los Angeles no one should be illegally evicted because of their companion animal.

HEART L.A. is here to help you and your companion animal remain housed in a safe and healthy environment and to advocate for legislation that breaks down barriers for tenants with pets looking for housing.

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