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Support from a heart attorney
Support Animals
  • Do I qualify for a support animal?

  • What documents am I required to have to confirm my pet's status as a support animal?

  • What is the process to have my support animal accepted by my landlord?

Renter Rights & Eviction Protection
  • Is it possible to keep a pet if a building has a "No Pet" Policy?

  • What do I do if my landlord won't let me keep my pet anymore?

  • What do I do if my landlord doesn't accept my support animal?


HEART specializes in prevention cases for renters who are facing pressure to leave their homes because of their pet(s) in LA County.


Contact us if you are experiencing verbal or written harassment (including a 3 Day Notice to Quit) which cites your pet as the reason for removal from your home.

If you have already received summons for an eviction, contact StayHousedLA for legal support.

HEART does not defend personal injury cases involving pets (ex. dog bites).

Request office hours

Contact us with questions at or  (323) 643-4430.

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